Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Gentry Man Child

Please join in – this is a special post. With apologies to: George Washington Cable (1844-1925), who wrote a beautiful poem for his daughter. My friend, Jilly, in England, introduced us to this poem. For her, it introduced a beautiful new granddaughter.

A few changes here, an adjustment there and we’ll celebrate a birth in Lake Granbury Medical Center, December 3, 12:44 pm, 9 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches long, a new great-grandson. Since the hospital’s initials are on the stocking covering him, we’ll call this brand new Micah Weston Gentry:

Little Gentry Man Child

There came to port this Friday noon
The queerest little craft,
Without an inch of rigging on;
I looked and looked and laughed.
It seemed so curious that he,
Should cross the Unknown water,
And moor himself right in this room,
A son of my granddaughter!

Yet by these presents witness all
He's welcome fifty times,
And comes consigned to Hope and Love
And common-meter rhymes.
He has no manifest but this,
No flag floats o'er the water,
He's too new for the British Lloyds--
This son of my granddaughter!

Ring out, wild bells, and tame ones too!
Ring out the lover's moon!
Ring in the little worsted socks!
Ring in the bib and spoon!
Ring out the muse! ring in the nurse!
Ring in the milk and water!
Away with paper, pen, and ink--
For the son of my granddaughter!

Mother and child are both doing fine and older sister has already held and kissed her baby brother. Family members have been in and out of the room and he’ll be welcomed home with love and prayers. Among those prayers will be mine that he shall come to know the truth and that it will make him truly free. Then I will say, as I have for my children, many of my grandchildren and look forward for the great-grands:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. (3 John 1:4 KJV)


  1. A post like this warms the heart. Congrats.

  2. Hi Grammy -

    Congratulations on the birth. I love the stocking that contains him.

    Also, I love the scripture that you added at the end of this piece.

    Thank you, grammy, for sharing another new birth!


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