Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Stuff

We had company over the weekend. Beloved Husband’s Next Brother and his wife came down from northern Oklahoma Thursday. It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend for us. Instead, it just proved that we can’t.

Thursdays are our 42 Domino nights and since they would be arriving late, we made the dinner and games – and had our wonderful fellowship time. The sum of these evenings are truly much greater than the total of their parts. We all belong to the same church, but see things from different perspectives, so our fellowship and sharing always increases our knowledge base and our friendships. It was this group that was instrumental in the success of our Children’s Auction last month to provide Christmas for many children.

Anyway, we left a bit earlier than our regular time – company and Beloved Husband’s aching arm crying out for another pain pill sped us along. Since BH is sleeping in a recliner in the den, bedtime arrived at the same time for all of us. So did the getting up and getting ready, since they were to accompany us to therapy in a nearby town. Fortunately the hospital next door had a craft fair and Company was entertained a bit by shopping and some very good peanut brittle.

Then it was off to lunch in another town and after lunch a two-county drive down to Granbury, Texas, where eighth great-grandchild had been born while we were at lunch. Picture available on Saturday’s post – and both Micah and his Mom are home safe and sound, with much praise for answered prayer for their safe birthing experience! We got there in time to all hold him a few moments before we were scooted out for Mom and Micah to have some quiet time bonding. We made the crossing two counties trip back home, relaxed for less than an hour and visited our revamped local restaurant.

If you are ever in Wise County, find Cottondale and attend the First Baptist Church of Cottondale at least once, and eat at Cottontop. Their Friday night Fish Feast is worth it. We had it and can attest to its value.

Saturday we did homey stuff – ham for lunch, hamburgers for supper – broken during the day for BH’s every three hours of exercise. Friday he missed his noon and three sessions because of our traveling, but with an hour of full therapy, it wasn’t bad. Saturday NB was there for all five sessions, three hours apart. Makes it a bit difficult to do much else but relax in between time. A bit of knitting here, some computer work there, relaxing!

Sunday they went with us to church – as we do with them when we’re in Oklahoma. It is such a blessing to be with family in any church. The Sunday School lesson I taught was on Epheesians 4:17-24, putting off the old man, putting on the new. Second Daughter gave a neat demonstration with an old work coat and her new winter coat. We had new girls and our regulars making our class pretty full this week. Praying that growth continues and we can reach more.

Pastor’s reference was in the 8th chapter of John, regarding His truth and being free. You can hear these sermons at our church website: We seldom think of our binding sin is in our lives. We take pride in living in a free land, looking up that as being able to do anything we want, even if that wanting damages others. We need to understand freedom.

Lunch with First daughter and her husband, and very good time for visiting, then home for naps between BH’s exercise sessions, while I put on a roasting hen for supper. Unfortunately, none of us were really hungry so there are plenty of leftovers for us to eat for the next few days.

The biblical application for such?

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25 KJV)

It applies to families, too, as four generations visited back and forth this weekend, blessed by God.

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  1. Hi Grammy -

    Glad that you had your family time.
    It is in our Lord's plan indeed.


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